Faster! Faster! Faster! babe...


The latest movie from Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock ! This movie directed by George Tillman and also staring in this movie Faster Billy Bob Thornton,Oliver Jackson-Cohen,Moon Bloodgood,Maggie Grace and Carla Gugino.

Faster Synopsis : A veteran cop (Billy Bob Thornton) and an assassin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) track an ex-convict (Dwayne Johnson) who is on a mission to exact vengeance on his brother’s killers. Following a 10-year prison stint, Driver (Dwayne Johnson) sprints out the gates on a mission to exact vengeance on those responsible for his brother’s murder. Within hours of dispatching his first victim, Driver has two men on his tail: a veteran police officer (Billy Bob Thornton) and an eager assassin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). Driver tries to stay one step ahead of his pursuers, but there are hints that his list is incomplete, and his life may be further endangered by an unknown source.

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E.d.Y said...

best cite ni...puas hati tgk semalam

Syairani Tarmizi said... x tgk lagi..hehe
xde chance lg nak pi tgk..tapi dah agak dah, msti best cite ni :)

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